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LOTOS Asfalt - a leader in the production of asphalt in Poland

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LOTOS Asfalt - a leader in the production of asphalt in Poland

LOTOS Asfalt, a company with its 100 % of shares owned by Grupa LOTOS S.A., started its business activities in April 2004. In June that year the company took over the employees and asphalt assets of the refinery in Jasło and in July 2005 it purchased the department of asphalt production of the former refinery in Czechowice. At present LOTOS Asfalt, which owns three production centres, provides Polish and foreign customers with best quality road and industrial asphalt as well as asphalt emulsions and products.

As early as in 2003 the annual sales of asphalt of Grupa LOTOS S.A. amounted to as little as 300,000 tons. In 2004 LOTOS Asfalt was challenged with an ambitious task, which was to prepare the company for the realisation of development strategy of road infrastructure in Poland with respect to technology, production and organisation. In 2004 LOTOS Asfalt employed barely 33 workers and the company's structure mainly involved production. Within the last three years the number of employees increased to over 130, 30% of which constituted persons employed in the field of logistics and trade. Owing to these changes, the company opened to contacts with customers. With every consecutive year, the company considerably increased its production. As early as in the first year of it activities, LOTOS Asfalt sold over 400,000 tons of asphalt and approximately 520,000 tons of asphalt in the following year. The year 2006 marked the company's breakthrough. The company manufactured over 800,000 tons of asphalt and became a leader in the local market with its 47% of share in sales.

Drawing: The sales of LOTOS Asfalt in the years 2003-2006


For many years road building companies have particularly appreciated MODBIT modified asphalt manufactured by the company. Compared to classic asphalt pavement, the asphalt pavement made of MODBIT products is characterised by higher resistance to rutting in high temperature and it is, at the same time, resistant to cracks caused by low temperatures. It has been now 10 years since the refinery in Gdańsk started its production of the type of asphalt. In 2006 LOTOS Asfalt manufactured nearly 100,000 tons of MODBIT products, which constituted approximately 56% share in the market.

The increase of production in LOTOS Asfalt was possible owing to the realisation of an investment program, which covered not only the refinery in Gdańsk, but also production plants belonging to Grupa LOTOS and located in the southern part of Poland. At the end of 2006 in Gdańsk the company erected, among others, a new plant for the production of classic asphalt based on BITUROX technology developed by Poerner, an Austrian company. The erection of the plant made it possible to ensure stable conditions of asphalt production with such parameters, which considerably exceeded values specified by standards. The largest in Poland stock of asphalt reservoirs ensured a high level of homogeneity, which is relevant for the construction of roads. In Gdańsk, they also launched a new modern plant for the production of MODBIT modified asphalt, which, according to the manufacturer's estimates, has the largest production capacity in Poland amounting to over 1000 m3/24 hours. The capacity is a guarantee of uninterrupted supplies during road works of the company's partners. Very good and stable parameters of modified asphalt encourage road building companies to take up the commercial offer of LOTOS Asfalt. The quality of the company's products has been confirmed by awarded certificates, awards and distinctions. LOTOS Asfalt was the first company in Poland to be awarded with the Certificate of Corporate Production Inspection. The company is also a holder of the Certificate of Integrated Management System complying with quality requirements of ISO 9001, environmental management ISO 14001 and labour safety and hygiene PN-N-18001.

LOTOS Asfalt modernised asphalt assets of the refineries in Jasło and Czechowice from scratch. In 2006 both of these plants sold approximately 200,000 tons of asphalt in the south of Poland. Apart from the already mentioned distribution bases, LOTOS Asfalt also uses other distribution centres in cooperation with its partners in order to ensure the most convenient access for the company's customers as well as safety and stability of its supplies.

Drawing: The distribution bases owned by LOTOS Asfalt